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The Story Behind ‘Room Mates’

So I’d just like to point out that this fanfiction, ‘Room Mates’, is set in the times when Jack (and Finn) went to university, before they dropped out to focus on YouTube. 

ENJOY! :) xx

P.S. I’ve been asked this quite frequently so I’ll answer now: I will be posting anywhere from 2 chapters to 200000000 chapters a month. :) Depending on what’s happening and if I need to study or what have you. 

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Jack Harries - Room Mates - Chapter 1 - UNI

I grabbed my bags out of the back of my car, and plopped them next to the driver’s seat.

I looked at my Dad. 

"Bye hunny." He said, his eyes filling with tears. 

"Oh, Dad. I’ll be back after term holiday." I told him, but I secretly felt the same. 

"I know, I know. I’m not crying." He joked. 

At that moment, Oscar, our dog, a whippet, decided to jump on the edge of the window. 

"Oh buddy." My father said, trying to push him off. I smiled to myself. He hates it when Oscar does that, as it scratches the side of his door. 

"Bye Oscar," I said leaning in to pat the dog, "bye Dad." I said hugging my dad.

"Bye Lucy." My father said, smiling at me. He started the car up, as I grabbed my bags and held them in my hands. I watched him drive down the driveway of the university, and waved as he rounded the corner. 

I turned back around to face my new home for the next year. Although, I would be able to see my Dad and Oscar and go to my proper home during the holidays. 

I started to walk towards the doors to the building, and suddenly, felt all alone.

When I had gotten past the huge doors, I wandered through the halls until I found a sign that read ‘Office’. I walked up to it, and rung the little bell they had supplied. 

"Just a second!" A crabby female voice called from somewhere. 

While I waited, I got my long, deep coloured hair, and slung it over my shoulder, so it fell down to my stomach. 

A short, well-rounded lady with bright orange hair that was graying at the roots waddled into the room and sat atop her office chair in front of me. 

"What?" She said rudely. 

"I-I-I’m new." I stuttered, pushing my glasses up my nose. 

"I.D." The lady said, who had a name badge that read ‘Sue’. 

I rummaged through one of my bags and got out the certificate that the university had emailed to me. I handed it to the lady, and stood still and looked around while she inspected it. 

It was silent apart from a few sniffles she let out. I looked down at my navy blue skirt and straightened it out. 

I heard footsteps down the hall, and 2 girls walking in the opposite direction looked at me and giggled. They were dressed completely different to me. They were dressed casually. I was dressed… businesslike. 

"Alright." Sue said loudly, disrupting my thoughts. She typed a few buttons on her computer and pushed her framed glasses up her wrinkly nose and leaned closer to the screen. "Room 24. With Jack harries." The lady said to me, rolling her chair over to the printer, and resting her hand on it whilst waiting for the document to print. 

JACK Harries? I’m sharing with a boy? 

Sue shoved the certificate and the new document into my hands and said “Your Welcome.” In her ugly voice. 

I took the documents, and didn’t say anything to her, just to annoy her. 

I heard the tap of fast-moving footsteps coming from the hallway that read ‘Staff’. 

I saw a bright, bubbly man wearing a suit and had brown hair walking down the hallway. 

"Hello! You must be the new girl, Lucy Conway!" The man greeted me, putting out a hand for me to shake. 

I took it, finally grateful for nice company.

"Yes, that’s right. Are you a teacher here?" I asked him. 

"Indeed I am. The headmaster in fact! My name is Mr HansPopper. But you can Just call me Pete."  Pete said happily. 

"Okay, thanks! Can you direct me to the student halls please?" I asked him. 

"I can indeed! I’ll take you there now. What’s your room number?" He asked me. 

I looked at the sheet. 

"Number 24." I said to him. 

"Okay right this way." Pete said. 

He leaned in closer to me. “You know, I’m sorry about her, I’ve been meaning to fire her, but I can’t bring myself to do it!” He said, whispering about Sue. 

"Why?" I asked.

"Because she’s too scary!" Pete joked.

I laughed and followed him down the hall. 

A boy peeped his head out of his door. 

"Hi Pete! Are you doing good?" He asked the headsmaster.

"Indeed I am!" He said, still bouncing down the hallway. 

I have now noticed, Pete says ‘Indeed’ a lot!

"Ahhh. Number 24." Sir said, rapping with his knuckles on the door. the door opened and revealed a boy, about my age, a bit taller than me, with chestnut-brown hair, and hazel green eyes. Slightly attractive if I do say so. The shirt he was wearing matched his face. It was a little cartoon of a guy with no eyes or nose or mouth, but he had eyebrows that matched him exactly. 

Pete said, “Ahhh. Indeed. Mr Jack Harries.” then he turned to me, “We didn’t have any more rooms for you, so we had to bunk a boy and a girl.” 

"So, this is your room-mate! Oh, hang on, I have your key…" Pete jumbled around in his pocket, looking for my key. 

I looked at Jack. He winked at me. I felt my cheeks blush, and i pulled my bags protectively over my body. 

"Ahhah! Here it is!" Mr HansPopper said, handing me the pink key.  

There was a clash of something falling from a room down the hall, and the headmaster stormed towards the door, briefly waving at us. “See you!”  

Jack looked at me. “And your name is?” 

"Lucy." I said shyly. 

Of course. I was the only girl who got bunked with a boy, and he had to be attractive. 


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Jack Harries - Room Mates - Chapter 2 - Lunch

Jack smiled at me, sort of looking me over with his eyes. 

He took a couple steps backwards and basically reversed into the room. 

"I already took the bed by the window, but I can move if you want it." Jack told me, raising his eyes to make his brow wrinkle so adorably. 

"No, it’s fine. I’m cool with this one." I said, dropping my suitcase onto my bed. I looked around the room. It’s alright.  

"So, why’d you move uni’s?" jack asked me, plopping himself down on his bed. 

"Ummmm, I just didn’t really like the other one." I told him, resting the back of my legs against my bed. 

"Which one was that?" Jack said, raising his eyebrows again.

"One in London." I told him.

"London? Why, do you live there?" Jack asked me.

"Yeah, I do actually." I told him.

"Oh, I do too! West London." He told me.

"Me too!" I said. 

Jack laughed, “Fancy that.”

Just then Pete opened up our door and popped his head in. 

"Good to see your getting along." And then as he closed the door muttered, "or not making out." 

At hearing that I immediately turned bright red.

Jack laughed. 

I quickly attempted to change the subject. 

"So, why isn’t there an assembly or anything for the first day of uni?" I asked him.

"Because it’s not." Jack said simply.

I gave him a look that said ‘what?’.

"You see, we have a whole period over a week to settle down in our halls. It ends tomorrow, and the day after is the first day." Jack explained, moving his hands.

"Ohhh." Was all I said.


"What’s that?" I asked him, startled.

"Oh, it’s just a fire alarm." Jack told me.

'WHAT!?” I asked him, loudly.

Jack’s serious face turned into a smile.

"Don’t worry, calm down. It’s just the bell for lunch." He said, laughing at me.

"Don’t do that!" I whined at him, feeling my cheeks want to smile.

He’s so comfortable with me that he’s messing about.

"Well, come on then." He said standing up and going to the door.

He opened it, and put his hand forward, indicating he wanted me to go out first.

As I walked out, I was hit by a flood of shyness. So many people, and I knew one of them.

I turned around to Jack, who was just walking away with 3 other boys.

I turned back to the crowd and noticed 2 girls, giggling as they walked my way. 

The one who was wearing heavy makeup, the skinny, booby, blondey girl said to me, “Are you Jack Harries’ room mate?” She asked me. 

The red head girl giggled and looked down the hall. 

I nodded slowly. Stopping their rudeness, I said, “Lucy.” and offered my hand. 

"Emma." The blonde said, taking it.

"And I’m Sarah." The red head said, trying to join in the handshake. 

"Listen, can I sit with you guys during lunch? I kind of, only know Jack…" I said slowly.

Emma’s face brightened. “Of course!” 


I was sitting in between Emma and Sarah, and 3 of their other friends, Tanya, Ellen, Kelsey were sitting opposite us, filling up the table.

Next to our table, Jack and his friend’s table was placed.

All the girls on our table kept sneaking a peek at that table.  

A big, buff, midly attractive guy tilted his head to indicate Jack to look over at us. All the other girls looked away, but I kept looking.

Jack looked over, looking surprised to see me there. 

He looked at all the people sitting with me, his jaw dropping slightly. ‘I thought you didn’t know anyone?’ he mouthed at me. 

I shrugged. 

"Lucy! What are they doing? Are they still looking?" Tanya asked me.

"Only Jack." I whispered back. 

Jack looked at me again and shook his head in amazement, going back to his friends. 

"It’s okay now." I told them. And they stopped burrowing their heads into their food.

"Wait, why were you so scared?" I asked them. 

"Lucy! Seriously?" Emma asked me.

Kelsey joined in. “Anyone can see they are attractive. Nearly like every girl here is falling for them.” 

"Oh…" I said. 

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Jack Harries - Room Mates - Chapter 3 - Small Talk


Jack was lying on his stomach, on his bed with an iPad in front of him. I was putting away my final belongings, and getting settled into the room.

"So, your friends with Emma?" Jack asked me, sounding casual.

"Yep." I said plainly.

"How did that happen?"Jack said, wrinkling up his nose. "That group are the most popular here!" He said, sounding confused.

I laughed. “I dunno, it just did." I said plainly. 

"It just did, hey?" Jack asked me. 

"Yep." I said again. He laughed, breathing out in short puffs.

Just then, Pete stuck his head in our room.

"Lights out. You have to rest up for the beginning of classes in two days time." Pete told us.

"Yes, sir!" Jack said, saluting and reaching over to put his iPad on his bedside table.  

"Goodnight!" Pete said, closing the door.

"Night!" Jack and I chorused. 

Since we were both in our pajamas already, with brushed teeth and everything, we just got underneath the covers.

"I got in bed before you, so you have to turn off the lights." Jack said, mocking a little boy.

I laughed at him, going over to the light switches, and flipping it off.

I went back to my bed, getting under the covers. 

As my head hit the pillow, I stared at the door to the bathroom, waiting for my eyes to adjust to the darkness. 

After a while, when I wasn’t sure if Jack was still awake, I heard a quiet, muffled voice ask, “Lucy, do you have a boyfriend?” 

Did that mean anything? Should I lie?

I nodded, then realizing Jack couldn’t see, I spoke up, “Yeah, I do.”

"Oh…" Jack let out. I turned in my bed to watch his face drop. "What’s his name?" He asked.

"Sean. He lives back in London." I told him.

"What’s he like?" Jack asked me.

"He’s… yeah, he’s nice." I told him truthfully. "Do you have a girlfriend?" I asked him, changing the subject.

"No. I don’t." Jack said. 

That surprised me. A lot of girls here liked him, and he was quite attractive. 

Could he asking me that mean he liked me? Do I like him? I mentally scolded myself. I had known this boy for a day - not even a day, and he’s already screwing with my feelings. 

I squinted my eyes, trying to shut out all my thoughts. 

"Goodnight Lucy." His voice rang through my head, chiming like a church bell. 

"Night Jack." I said back, turning on my side to face the wall. 

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Jack Harries - Room Mates - Chapter 4 - Invites

*VERY IMPORTANT* A/N: Just a heads up guys, I’m stopping Change My Mind. It just puts me off uploading to Room Mates. But yay, that means I will be able to upload to Room Mates MUCH more often! 


I woke to voices. I slowly opened one eye, and saw two boys sitting on the beanbags, shirtless. They were watching me. I moved my head towards them, to get a better view. They saw me move and quickly turned away, starting up a fake conversation. I smiled to myself and squinted stretching out my arms and legs before sitting up.

"Morning Jack!" I called, standing up and turning to face them

"Oh, morning, Lucy! I didn’t know you were up!" he lied.

Jack and his friend stood up, turning around to face me. His friend put his arm against the wall, leaning all his weight against it. “Hey, I’m Duke.” He told me.

"Lucy." I said, allowing my eyes to drop down to his fit stomach. 

I moved my eyes back up to his face, smiling. I then moved my eyes behind him to Jack, who was standing, looking down at the floor with an arm against his body. 

I then looked back at Duke, who was staring at me with a slight smile on his face and a far-away look in his eyes. 

"Ahh-em." Jack said, clearing his throat. 

Duke turned around to look at Jack. Jack raised his eyebrows at the door. Gesturing for Duke to leave. 

"Oh. Right." Duke said turning around. He leaned down to pick up his shirt off the floor, and slung it over his shoulder.

"It was nice meeting you, Lucy." Duke said sexily, mouth curled up in a smile. He walked towards the door, and I watched him open the door and turn around at it. 

"Bye Jack!" He called, raising a hand.

"Bye Duke." Jack said back to him. 

Duke looked back at my face, and winked, walking out.

Dannggg! Maybe this university isn’t so bad. Duke is fit!

"Let’s get to breakfast." Jack said, interrupting my thoughts. I turned around just as he had slipped on a shirt.

Part of me was disappointed.


"So, are you guys going to Joey’s party?" Tanya asked us all.

"Heck yes!" Sarah exclaimed with Ellen. 

"I don’t even know a Joey…" I said.

"Neither! But I’m going." Kelsey told me, laughing.

"Do you think Jack would go with me?" Emma asked, distracted. She was watching the boy’s table for a while now

There was a gasp from a couple of the girls. 

"That’s a great idea!" Ellen said.

"But you know what’s even better?" Tanya said

Emma looked at her, interested.

"You should ask Duke." Tanya advised.

"What will that achieve?" I asked

Kelsey rolled her eyes “Don’t be dim, Luce!” She said to me, giving me a nickname then and there. 

I looked at her, confused. 

"She’s going to make Jack jealous!" Ellen said to me, as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

I just pretended I got it.

"So who are you guys going with, anyway?" Emma asked us, wrinkling her nose

"I’m going with Patrick. Of Course." Kelsey told us, fiddling with the end of her plait. 

"Of course." others of the group murmured.

"I’m going with Dylan," Ellen told us.

"Ohhhh." Tanya winked. "I’m waiting to get asked." 

"I want to go with Duke, I think I’m going to use Tanya’s idea." Emma said. 

The girls looked at me. 

"What?" I asked. 

"Who do you want to go with?" Ellen asked me.

"Umm. I think, I’ll just go with Jack." I said simply.

"What!?" Emma asked.

"Oh, no, as friends!" I tried.

Kelsey shook her head. 

"Or… I’ll just go by myself.." I said slowly.

Emma glared at me, looking back at the boy’s table. 

The other girls stayed silent. 

"Shall I go over and ask Duke now?" Emma asked us - well, them.

The girls nodded.

I watched Emma stand up and walk over to the boy’s table, resting my eyes on Jack. So, just because Emma liked him, I couldn’t? As Emma asked Duke, Jack looked at our table, looking at me. He smiled. I smiled back at him, feeling odd. 

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Jack Harries - Room Mates - Chapter 5 - Partaaay!

I looked down the left side of the road, and then the right quickly running across towards the house. Joey’s House. I immediately regretted not wearing a thicker jumper over the top of my red dress. I breathed out, watching the puff of cold air flow out of my mouth. I walked towards the door of the house. There were people standing by the path, holding drinks and talking loudly over the music that could be heard form inside. As I got up on the veranda and approached the door, I saw there were two people making out in front of it, blocking my entry.

"Excuse me…" I tried, standing there. They looked up at me and glared, but moved aside. I nodded slightly, getting inside the house. The music immediately got louder, blaring against my ears. I looked at everyone standing in the hall. I recognised not one of them. I slowly walked down the hallway, and into a main room. At least it wasn’t as awkward here. Through the crowd, I saw Ellen with her black hair out, and her chocolate brown face covered with some cute makeup. She was holding hands with a boy I had never seen before.

"Ellen!" I called out, as he began to lead her away.  

Ellen stopped and looked around, when she saw me, she smiled at me, standing on tip-toes so that she could get a better view and wave. I pushed through the crowd to get to her, smiling happily once I did. 

"Lucy!" She squealed. "Your here! I thought you weren’t going to come!" She told me.

I smiled. “Well, here I am!” Then, changing the subject, I asked, “Where is everyone else?” 

"Kelsey is with Patrick, Tanya - I think.." Ellen said, screwing up her nose, "is with Aaron, Emma is with Duke, and Sarah is with Dave." Ellen told me, as if I would be ale to follow. But I guess - they are all with partners. 

"Should I go?" The boy asked Ellen.

"Oh no. Lucy and I are done here." Ellen told him, eyeing me off, getting me to play along.

"Yep." I said as he looked at me.

"Great!" He said, walking off with Ellen.

Now, what would I do? I looked around the room feeling like a lost puppy, when I saw a table filled with food and drinks. Might as well get a drink. I walked over, and started to pick up a cup of soft drink - well, what I thought  was soft drink - , when someone else grabbed one from the other side of the table. I looked up their bracelet-filled wrist to see they’re face. Jack! 

"Hi, Jack!" I greeted him loudly, trying to get him to hear me over the music.

"Oh hi Lucy!" Jack pretty much shouted back at me.

"How were you today?" I asked him.

He didn’t answer my question. Instead, he looked at me as if trying to figure out what I said. “Wanna go outside so we don’t have to scream?” He asked me.

Instead of talking, I nodded.

He took my opposite arm and linked it with his, and led me outside to the front yard. 

"So what were you trying to say?" He asked me.

"I was just asking you how you were today. I didn’t see you at all." My hands were tingling as, instead of dropping my arm when we got outside, he held my hand.

"Oh, I was fine. I saw you at lunch. When Emma asked Duke about going tonight…" He said, pressing his lips together and looking at the ground.

"Are you here with anyone?" I asked him.

He shook his head, and raised his eyebrows in a questioning manner. “You?” 

"No." I answered.

"Well, I guess we are officially here together." Jack said happily.

I nodded, swallowing down my nerves. 


I was standing on the veranda, watching Lucy and Jack. That slag! Even though we CLEARLY told her to stay away from my man, she goes with him and holds hands with him and such. Something has to be done about this! I thought, angrily. Ellen walked up to me, looking at Lucy and Jack too. 

"Is that Lucy?" She sounded amused. "With Jack?" Ellen asked with a slight smile on her face.

I looked at her, and pursed my lips looking back at them.

I walked down the steps of the veranda and strided quickly towards them, changing my pace once Jack saw me.


Jack took his fixated eyes off me and looked behind me, looking interested. I turned around and saw Emma walking slowly towards us, eyes only for Jack. That’s it! I’ve been friends with her for 3 days and have ruined it all by letting Jack hold my hands.

But instead of talking to me, to my surprise, she walked straight past me to Jack.

"Hi, Jack. I… see your here alone?" She asked, trying to sound and look sexy.

"I thought you were with Duke?" Jack asked, moving slightly away from her.

She shook her head. “We went as friends.”

She bit her lip, moving close to Jack, then out.

"Emma, are you drunk?" He asked her.

"No, not at all." She said, raising her hand up behind his head and leaning in.

At first I thought it was for balance, but then I saw her fully lean in for the kiss. Jack wasn’t doing anything, not moving in, or out, but slightly surprised. Their lips pressed together, and they begin to move their heads together in sync. 

I took a few steps backwards, raising my hand towards the side of my eye, and wiping my fringe away. I walked forwards and out of the property, across the road, and kept going until I got into MY room. 

Although it was all a blur, I got changed, and slipped under the covers. I have a boyfriend, who loves me very much. Jack is only a friend. So is Emma. I tried to reassure myself. I got out my phone and texted Sean. 

Hey babe, haven’t talked in ages, hope your uni is going well! Maybe we could meet up on the weekend? xx’  I sent it, waiting for a reply. 23 minutes later, there was still no reply, and I decided to go to sleep. 


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Jack Harries - Room Mates - Chapter 6 - Game on!

I groaned, rolling over and trying to block out the sun that was shining through the curtains. 
It wouldn’t work.
I lifted my covers and pulled them over my head, attempting to be able to get back to sleep. Wasn’t going to work. I was officially awake.

I thought about last night, remembering about Jack and Emma. I took the duvet of my face, and glanced across the room at Jack. Sure enough, he was there, asleep. 

Meh, I thought to myself. They can have each other. I have a boyfriend. But truth is, I kinda was jealous, though I did’t want to admit it to myself. I pushed off the covers and sat up in bed, searching with my feet for my slippers. When I found them, I got up, walking to the bathroom. I looked at myself in the mirror, thinking about how ugly I was. I sighed and picked up my toothbursh, squeezing paste on top. I stuck it in my mouth, and began to brush. I leaned into the mirror to look at myself even closer, when something caught my eye. In the corner of the mirror, I saw something black lying next to the toilet. 

I turned around, walking loser to the piece of material, and picked it up. A thong? I thought, confused. Then I thought about it. I mean, REALLY thought about it.Then I remembered hearing two people giggling come into my room at like 2 in the morning. Wait… 

I gasped, dropping the underwear, and looking at my hands. I CAN’T BELIEVE I TOUCHED THAT! THAT HAD BEEN ON… EW!

I ran back to the sink, washing my hands over and over, and spitting out my toothpaste, cleaning my mouth. I wrinkled up my nose at the ugly material and walked out, turning off the light as I went. 

Jack was sitting up in his bed and turned around and looked at me. “Morning Lucy!” He smiled at me. 

I glared at him, replying, “Your sh*ts on the floor.” And walked out of the door, not waiting for a reply. 

I didn’t care that I was in my pajamas, or that it was like 6am, or that my hair probably looked like it had been through a washing machine.

I opened the door slowly, walking into my room.
Jack’s head turned around instantly, and he stood up,. “Look, Lucy, I’m sorry, I didn’t realise - ” He started, when I interrupted him by laughing.

"You think I actually mind? No way. I have a boyfriend!" I said, using my acting to cover up.

"Oh.." Jack said slowly.

"I just kinda didn’t wanna see it… you know?" I told him.

"Yeah.. sorry about that." Jack announced, embarrassed.


I walked over to my usual table, dumping my tray of breakfast down in my usual seat. I glanced at Jack’s table, which had two newbies. Take a guess. Of course, Sarah and Emma. 

"Hey Lucy!" The other girls greeted me. 
I gave them a small smile, and slumped into my chair, slouching forward over the table and reaching for a carrot slice and chewing on it, all the while glaring at Emma who was happily sitting next to Jack, holding hands.

The girls looked at me, and then looked at where I was looking. 

"Oh.." Kelsey said, looking away awkwardly.

"What’s wrong?" Ellen asked.

"Nothing." I said to her.

"Oh come on Lucy, we’re pissed with them too." Tanya said, clapping her hand over her mouth when she realised what she said. 

Kelsey, Ellen and I looked at her, with wide eyes, and then at each other.  

Tanya slowly leaned forward, whispering slightly, “Promise me you won’t tell anyone I said that!” 

"No I agree!" Ellen said, leaning forward slightly, propping her elbows on the table.

"Oh you do!? Me too!" Kelsey said, relieved. 

They all looked at me.

I sighed. “Isn’t it obvious!?” I asked them, leaning back into my chair and looking at Emma and Sarah with Jack, Dave, and all their other friends.

We all looked at them, scowling slightly, when Emma looked over. She gave us her most innocent smile and a little fairy wave. 

I smiled in the exact same way, and waved back, as did the others. Jack looked over, smiling at me when our eyes met. He looked EXTREMELY hot today, red plaid shirt, long black tight jeans..

I felt my stomach go all tight, and I tried to stop from looking like a little girl who’s obsessed. Yeah, I couldn’t.

"Lucy! Put your tongue back in!" Ellen told me, hitting my arm.

"She doesn’t have her tongue out?" Tanya asked, confused.

"She didn’t mean it like - " Kelsey started, stopping herself, realising it was useless.

Ellen and I laughed at her.

Emma looked over at our table, narrowing her eyes, then saying something. I saw Jack look at me out of the corner of my eye, and back at his group, when they all laughed.

I know what she’s doing now. Two can play that game.

I looked at Kelsey, Tanya, and Ellen. They understood too. 

Game on.

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Room Mates - Chapter 7 - Unspoken Words


Since Kelsey and I were in the same lecture, we moved into the room, looking around for good seats.
"Where should we sit?" I asked her.
"Back corner." She replied, walking up the stairs, taking two steps at a time.

As we sat down, getting comfortable for the 90 minute lecture, I took in the room. About 200 students, with the rooms having windows to the other halls on each side. The side on the other side to where we were sitting was empty, but in the other room, closest to us, people were just filling in for a lecture to begin.

"… but then I said to him, ‘Patrick, you know Emma and Sarah didn’t want me to date you? They were going on about how unattractive and rude you are. They are trying to steal you from me. Emma doesn’t actually like you. An he got so offended, you know? I don’t even - you know what. I shouldn’t even waste my time thinking about him. But it’s just, I feel like they’re behind it.. you know?” Kelsey ranted.
"Mmmm." I said, acting as though I had been listening to what she was talking about.
"So then he goes to me-" She started, but I was already out. 

I was looking around at everyone to see if there was anyone I didn’t know. I saw a boy with black hair in front of me, turning around to look at me. We met eye contact and he smiled. I smiled back, wondering who he was.

"Who are you smiling at?" Kelsey asked me, breaking out of her rant-trance.
"That kid down there. Black hair. Who is he?" I replied to her, keeping my eyes glued on the boy.
"That sexy hunk is Daniel. The things I would do to that boy." Kelsey replied. I raised my eyebrows in a ‘really?’ expression. 
"What don’t you think he’s attractive?!" She demanded, shocked.
"It’s not that," I informed her, "He’s just not my type." I said simply.
She looked at me, amused. “Lucy… myLucy… has.. a type?" She said, using her fingers to make fake quotation marks in the air.
"I had a type," I said, imitating her quotation marks, "before I met you. I have a boyfriend anyway." I assured her.
"Who I have to meet!" Kelsey said excitedly.
"You will." I said, "Just not until-" When I was interrupted. 
"My friend Daniel likes you. Just saying." Said a blonde haired boy, walking back down the stairs as fast as he walked up them, all his friends laughing at Daniel.
"OH YOU ARE SO LUCKY!!" Kelsey shouted, turning her body to face me.
"SHHHH!" I said, trying to quieten her. "I’m sure it was a joke! Calm down!" I said to her.
"Are you kidding? Have you SEEN your face?" She asked me. "Not to mention your body." She said, turning back to face the front.
I smiled to myself, thinking about how she had just complimented me. 

"Can everyone please quieten down now, you’ve had your mingling time." Said a strict voice through a microphone. Everyone immediately stopped talking and looked towards the front, towards our professor, who introduced himself as Mr Hondralakus.
I muttered a joke to Kelsey, “What’s his name?”
She screwed up her nose, “Mr Hondralakus.” She answered.
“Bless you.” I replied, as if she had sneezed. She started sniggering, when the teacher heard her in the dead silent hall.
"What’s your name?" He said in the middle of a sentence, looking straight at Kelsey. "Yes, you." The teacher said as Kelsey pointed to herself questioningly. 
"Kelsey Walkers." She replied nervously. I blushed on her behalf.
"As Ms Kelsey Walkers has just demonstrated to us, if anyone speaks during my lectures, they can come up to the front and teach themselves. However, I will let you pass today, Ms Kelsey Walkers, just today, as it is your first day. As I was saying," Hondralakus droned on, returning to his introductions.

Kelsey and I gave each other a ‘Crap, that was close’ look, going back to listening to him. 

It didn’t take much for me to get bored. I slipped into my own thoughts looking around the room. I turned and looked over Kelsey into the room to the right of us, with people in it. And saw a familiar person, Jack. I silently watched him, sitting in the middle of his friends, watching the front. Jee, he was really pretty when he concentrated. I let my eyes wander around him. His hair, swept sexily over his head, and his glasses which he wore temporarily, like me, on his face. He was wearing another blue plaid shirt, with jeans on and his shoes were tucked under his chair as he was listening intently to his speaker. 
He must of felt me watching, because before I knew what was happening, he looked to his left, towards me, and our eyes met. He smiled brightly, getting distracted from his work. I smiled back at him, looking straight back at him. He waved at me slightly, and a couple of his friends noticed, and looked where he was looking, at me. I felt awkward so I looked back at Mr Hondralakus. I pretended to concentrate but then slowly turned to look at Jack. His friends were all tackling him slightly, laughing and teasing him, while he had a huge grin on his face, trying to say something through their playful tackles.
Kelsey looked at me, asking, “What are you looking at?”
"Nothing." I replied quickly, looking down at my book and writing something that just popped up on the Power Point.

Truth is, it wasn’t nothing. It was a lot. 

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Room Mates - Chapter 8 - Night Drives


I reached up in my bed, to the light on my bed, turning it on, and reaching for a book. 

"Can’t sleep either?" A voice from Jack’s bed asked.

"Nope. Not a wink of sleep since 10." I told him, moving so I could see him.

"Niether." He replied. "Wanna go for a drive?"

"What?" I asked him, confused.

"Do you want to go for a drive?" Jack repeated.

"Are we allowed to?" I asked him, getting out of bed.

Jack laughed slightly as he got out of bed as well. “No.” 

"What? Jack, I don’t want to get in any kind of trouble, I just -" I began to say worriedly. 

"Shh." He said, walking close to me, reminding me how much taller he was than me. He put his hands on my arms which I had pulled protectively over myself. He came so close to me, lingering slightly. It felt like we could’ve kissed. "Don’t worry. It’s okay, you’re safe with me." He said soothingly, smiling slightly. 

 I wish he could’ve stayed there longer, but almost as soon as he said it, he walked over to the table near our door, picking up his keys. I stood still where he was standing with me only a few seconds ago. 

"Come on then." Jack said to me.

"Are you sure?" I asked, still a bit doubtful.

"100 percent." He replied confidently but quietly.

 I followed him out the door, flicking the light off again as I walked past. He locked it behind us, and turned around quickly. Taking my hand. He smiled at me for a second before taking my hand and running down the hallway, pulling me after him. 

"Why are we running?" I whispered.

"The same reason you’re whispering." He whispered back.

When we got out the doors and he got the keys he was holding in his mouth out, and unlocked his car, following the flashing lights through the dark university parking lot. He let go of my hand and got in the driver’s side, while I got in the passenger’s side. 

Once he got out of the driveway he asked me, “first stop?”

I looked at him as if he was crazy and replied with, “I’m still recovering from the fact that we just broke the university rules!”

He laughed, breaking slowly as the light ahead turned yellow. “Okay, well, there’s a 24-hour Starbucks just up here, and the next bit will be a surprise.” He said mysteriously.

I looked at him and laughed slightly and shook my head. “You’re crazy.”

After awhile I said to him, “Jack, we both are in a relationship…”

"Where does it say in the rules of humanity that two friends can’t take a late-night drive together?" He replied, eyes on the road.


I stretched each of my limbs out by turn, placing my hands behind my head after I took a sip of the Starbucks coffee Jack had bought me. I sighed, looking up from my spot next to jack, from the bonnet of his car, looking at the stars.

I felt Jack’s eyes on me, and turned over to look at him, feeling slightly groggy. I looked into his greenish hazel eyes, thinking about how pretty they were. He smiled at me, turning his head again to look at the stars. 
I fell asleep all at once, to that thought.