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Jack Harries - Room Mates - Chapter 1 - UNI

I grabbed my bags out of the back of my car, and plopped them next to the driver’s seat.

I looked at my Dad. 

"Bye hunny." He said, his eyes filling with tears. 

"Oh, Dad. I’ll be back after term holiday." I told him, but I secretly felt the same. 

"I know, I know. I’m not crying." He joked. 

At that moment, Oscar, our dog, a whippet, decided to jump on the edge of the window. 

"Oh buddy." My father said, trying to push him off. I smiled to myself. He hates it when Oscar does that, as it scratches the side of his door. 

"Bye Oscar," I said leaning in to pat the dog, "bye Dad." I said hugging my dad.

"Bye Lucy." My father said, smiling at me. He started the car up, as I grabbed my bags and held them in my hands. I watched him drive down the driveway of the university, and waved as he rounded the corner. 

I turned back around to face my new home for the next year. Although, I would be able to see my Dad and Oscar and go to my proper home during the holidays. 

I started to walk towards the doors to the building, and suddenly, felt all alone.

When I had gotten past the huge doors, I wandered through the halls until I found a sign that read ‘Office’. I walked up to it, and rung the little bell they had supplied. 

"Just a second!" A crabby female voice called from somewhere. 

While I waited, I got my long, deep coloured hair, and slung it over my shoulder, so it fell down to my stomach. 

A short, well-rounded lady with bright orange hair that was graying at the roots waddled into the room and sat atop her office chair in front of me. 

"What?" She said rudely. 

"I-I-I’m new." I stuttered, pushing my glasses up my nose. 

"I.D." The lady said, who had a name badge that read ‘Sue’. 

I rummaged through one of my bags and got out the certificate that the university had emailed to me. I handed it to the lady, and stood still and looked around while she inspected it. 

It was silent apart from a few sniffles she let out. I looked down at my navy blue skirt and straightened it out. 

I heard footsteps down the hall, and 2 girls walking in the opposite direction looked at me and giggled. They were dressed completely different to me. They were dressed casually. I was dressed… businesslike. 

"Alright." Sue said loudly, disrupting my thoughts. She typed a few buttons on her computer and pushed her framed glasses up her wrinkly nose and leaned closer to the screen. "Room 24. With Jack harries." The lady said to me, rolling her chair over to the printer, and resting her hand on it whilst waiting for the document to print. 

JACK Harries? I’m sharing with a boy? 

Sue shoved the certificate and the new document into my hands and said “Your Welcome.” In her ugly voice. 

I took the documents, and didn’t say anything to her, just to annoy her. 

I heard the tap of fast-moving footsteps coming from the hallway that read ‘Staff’. 

I saw a bright, bubbly man wearing a suit and had brown hair walking down the hallway. 

"Hello! You must be the new girl, Lucy Conway!" The man greeted me, putting out a hand for me to shake. 

I took it, finally grateful for nice company.

"Yes, that’s right. Are you a teacher here?" I asked him. 

"Indeed I am. The headmaster in fact! My name is Mr HansPopper. But you can Just call me Pete."  Pete said happily. 

"Okay, thanks! Can you direct me to the student halls please?" I asked him. 

"I can indeed! I’ll take you there now. What’s your room number?" He asked me. 

I looked at the sheet. 

"Number 24." I said to him. 

"Okay right this way." Pete said. 

He leaned in closer to me. “You know, I’m sorry about her, I’ve been meaning to fire her, but I can’t bring myself to do it!” He said, whispering about Sue. 

"Why?" I asked.

"Because she’s too scary!" Pete joked.

I laughed and followed him down the hall. 

A boy peeped his head out of his door. 

"Hi Pete! Are you doing good?" He asked the headsmaster.

"Indeed I am!" He said, still bouncing down the hallway. 

I have now noticed, Pete says ‘Indeed’ a lot!

"Ahhh. Number 24." Sir said, rapping with his knuckles on the door. the door opened and revealed a boy, about my age, a bit taller than me, with chestnut-brown hair, and hazel green eyes. Slightly attractive if I do say so. The shirt he was wearing matched his face. It was a little cartoon of a guy with no eyes or nose or mouth, but he had eyebrows that matched him exactly. 

Pete said, “Ahhh. Indeed. Mr Jack Harries.” then he turned to me, “We didn’t have any more rooms for you, so we had to bunk a boy and a girl.” 

"So, this is your room-mate! Oh, hang on, I have your key…" Pete jumbled around in his pocket, looking for my key. 

I looked at Jack. He winked at me. I felt my cheeks blush, and i pulled my bags protectively over my body. 

"Ahhah! Here it is!" Mr HansPopper said, handing me the pink key.  

There was a clash of something falling from a room down the hall, and the headmaster stormed towards the door, briefly waving at us. “See you!”  

Jack looked at me. “And your name is?” 

"Lucy." I said shyly. 

Of course. I was the only girl who got bunked with a boy, and he had to be attractive. 


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